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Say hi to Pulse! Our newest addition to our product family. Together with Tobii, we have developed a unique method for measuring which ads Swedish consumers actually see by analyzing their eye movements and focus. Using the latest Eye Tracking technology, we monitor 2,000 households and measure their behavior and focus on the screen. The method is called Ad-fixation and gives you a real picture of how your digital campaigns actually perform. Not seen. No effect. Don't you agree?

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Odyssey’s deep knowledge of analytics and data-driven insights enables great prerequisites for building awesome products and tech who help brands grow. The combination and synergies between products and services are what the future in marketing is all about.

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A brand new identity for Panduro

"Odyssey has confirmed but also contributed to our understanding of our market and how we have to change parts of our product offering and marketing. With the results based on thorough market and consumer research and analysis, we know how and where to grow our brand and market share in the future”

THOMAS PANDURO, Owner & CEO, Panduro