Measure the pulse and health of your brand over time

If you are a marketer, you are already investing time and effort into your brand building project. And you are probably struggling with measuring the effect of the work you do. How do you know if your brand is actually growing stronger?

Insights that state what you could have guessed or already thought are not insights you can act on. We believe that insights should surprise, create new opportunities, be actionable and in the end, help build your brand stronger.

BrandHealth tracks the effect of your brand-building activities over time and gives you feedback loops for accurate tactical decision-making. You’ll always have an authoritative read of your brand’s progress at a macro level at hand and you’ll be able to quickly identify and diagnose the changes that will deliver improvement and impact on your brand.

BrandHealth helps you stay on top of how consumers react to your brand and your efforts!

Brand building is key in a digital world and brands are emotional constructs. How your brand is perceived inside the consumer mind will affect the success of your activation.

Brands are built over time, gradually. Shifting consumption trends, market conditions, and competitors’ movements and actions make progress tracking a key instrument.

There are three types of KPI’s that BrandHealth keep track of:

Tells you whether your brand currently has momentum to grow

Tells you whether your current brand performance is healthy or not

Tells you whether your current status and momentum can be attributed to your strategy or not

Our model & metrics

Each consumer has it's own journey. Without tech you are lost. This model is the foundation that BrandHealth is built on.

The Middle is where people explore their options, expand their knowledge and review their consideration sets. The middle is a space of abundant information and unlimited choice that people have learned to manage using a range of cognitive shortcuts.

Exposure is the awareness of the brands and products in a category. It is the sum of all the category advertising seen or heard. It’s the things people hear and the things they read.

The experience people have with the product or service they’ve purchased feeds directly into their exposure. A good brand experience here means a head start - a poor experience risk losing that customer, potentially affecting others too.

Brand Awareness is what you earn as your brand building activities in the top of the funnel increase your brand presence

Brand Consideration is what you earn as your brand experience activities in the messy middle put you on the short list of more and more consumers.

Brand Share is what you earn as your activation activities in the bottom of the funnel increase your market share. Can be measured as brand share of users, purchases, volume or value depending on the category

Brand Equity is the net result of your brand exposure throughout the decision journey. It reflects current brand demand - which in most categories correlate highly with actual market share.

Gross Share of Voice is the size of your brand building investment, compared to competition. Net Share of Voice is what is left of your investment, after ad efficiency and execution losses has taken its toll.

NET EXPERIENCE | Net Experience is the value of current brand experience. It can be net positive or net negative.
Net Experience can be measured as the consumer experience coming out of the messy middle, and/ or the customer experience after purchase.

SHARE OF VOICE | Share of Search (SOS) is a validated way of connecting share of volume with share of market. Search represents an important part of the activity taking place in the messy middle

All insights delivered in a DIY interface

- Easy-to-use interface with step-by-step tutorial
- Eye-catching, intuitive visualizations
- Target selection menu
- Export functionality (csv, pdf)