Carglass, a part of the Belron Group, is a world-leading brand on the car glass repair and replace market. The automotive market is a fast-changing business as a big increase in automatic services and self-driving cars changing it completely. Being the leader within repair and replacement of car windows, this is naturally a trend recognized by Carglass as well. As a part of Carglass process of creating new possibilities in a changing market, an increased Nordic cooperation and digitalisation was an identified possibility.

Odyssey’s Cecilia Hjertzell was engaged as Nordic Interim Digital Manager. A pre-study identified strong synergies within a common Nordic Digital Platform and organisation.

It was a real pleasure to work with Cecilia! She has an incredibly broad experience within the digital arena and she is very structured and driven as a person, which made this whole project joyful to manage together.
— Anders Eliasson, CEO Carglass Sweden

– To implement a system platform is the easy part of this type of project. To remain a both short and short term successful solution, it is important to have a long-term strategy, clear processes and authority, says Cecilia Hjertzell.

Cecilia’s task has been to, together with the Nordic Management teams, define a common Nordic business strategy, define objectives and key figures for monitoring and to define processes for the Nordic business strategy, as well as an organisation that can lead both the long and short-term development. Within the frame of this project, Cecilia also led the procurement work to find a strong digital partner for Carglass Nordic.

In the creation of our Nordic digital platform, Cecilia has been absolutely crucial, not only in the process of driving the project and working process further in complex, international constellations, but also in challenging the business and make us think outside the box. Cecilia has a rare ability to combine sharpness and competence with drive, courage and catching joy.
— Åsa Wirsenius, People Director Belron UK, former Nordic HR Director Carglass

Why Odyssey?

Odyssey has the competence to take on a project from an idea to its launch. We have the insight that business strategy and the organisation is the most important future element for success – and that the technical solution is a tool that gives us the ability to identify all basic factors necessary to reach our customers high expectations within the digital sphere. It is people that reaches success and fulfils the full business potential – not system solutions. We see the whole picture and guaranties that all processes are in their right place to create successful, data-driven solutions. The goal is to inspire further development together with our customers – and we are not satisfied until our customers reaches their full potential!