Tidningen Chef


Tidningen Chef is the leading magazine for leaders on the Nordic market. In a magazine market with declining revenues, Chef goes against the flow. The company has succeeded well in balancing different revenue flows and has a positive profitability in their magazine business. But Chef is looking forward and in similarity to many other companies today, the focus is on further digitalization and data-driven, automated sales and communication flows.

During spring 2017, Chef completed an extensive development project of Chef.se. In connection to this project, the magazine wanted to implement system solutions to manage automated and data-driven communication and sales. Odyssey was engaged to map the customer journey to form the basis for the data-driven process and implementation of APSIS Profile Cloud for Marketing Automation.

Odyssey’s Kristina Sabelström Möller, one of the leading experts within subscription services, publishing and data-driven commerce in Sweden, mapped the customer journey. Kristina has worked with a majority of newspapers in Sweden, in addition to her doctoral studies within the field.

”Odyssey mapped Chef’s customer journey with their internal processes and system support. The result of the analysis gave Chef good insights in how the internal working processes should be optimized, as well as what requirements of system support that is needed to fulfil working data-driven in the short and long term.” – Kristina Sabelström Möller, Digital Strategist at Odyssey.'

Odyssey has good insights in how to handle user data in business. The customer journey that we received help from has led to concrete solutions in our subscription business. Odyssey has been a professional and reliable supplier in this important development
— Unn Edberg, Vice President at Tidningen Chef

A part of this project was knowledge transaction of Odyssey’s work to Chef’s employees, to make it possible for Chef to carry out this kind of projects on their own in the future. Knowledge transaction is an important part of change management – in addition to the knowledge transaction itself, it results in an increased efficiency in the project and internal commitment and understanding for the working methodology, as well as for the results.

The mapping of the customer journey identified several concrete improvement opportunities for Chef’s processes, but the result from Customer Journey Mapping has also been the main reason for the implementation of APSIS Profile Cloud – a system solution who enables behaviour analysis and real-time segmentations. The next step will be to use the data for more personalized services and communication.