The Why-u-vote report will give you insights on:

  • How the voter moves in the digital world – and off-line
  • Understand how the voter moves between different digital media
  • Understand how the voters’ political sympathies changes during the election campaign and why. What subjects affected the voters?
  • What actors did the voters listen to? Which are the driving factors when choosing a political party?
  • Understand where in the information journey the voter is susceptible to communication and what touchpoints are the most efficient
  • Understand what synergies different touchpoints have and which are the most efficient
  • Understand where the information is retrieved, how did the communication work and where more “search” were done
    • Mapping of your content vs searched content by voters online
    • Media consumption leading to a certain standpoint
  • Understand what questions that engage the voters the most. Where is the engagement shown? What actors influence the voters?
  • Understand the importance on-line and off-line media have had to choose a political party
  • Understand how media investments have worked (also compared to your competitors)