Measure the pulse and health
of your brand strength, brand building & brand communication effects over time with Pulse.

You're probably both investing time and pouring money into your brand-building projects. How do you know if your brand is actually growing stronger and that your activities create an effect? How do you know where you should spend your investments and focus your efforts?

Brand building is no easy task. We know. It's especially hard if don't have the right tools and insights at hand.  We created our product suite Pulse with that in mind. We're passionate about the math of brand buildning. That's why our products measure the pulse and health of your brand strength, brand building, and brand communication effects over time every day 24/7. 

Best of all. With Pulse you have access to insights that you can act on every day. Helping you look ahead and in the end - helping building your brand stronger. 

We think that's critical that your insights are delivered in an easy to access interface - you should be able to check your KPI's on your commute or on the run between meetings.

Our platform has:
- Easy-to-use interface with embedded step-by-step tutorial
- Eye-catching and intuitive visualizations
- Target selection menu
- Export functionality (csv, pdf)
- Advisory comments/ narrative provided inside dashboards

And of course - with export functionality, so you can act immediately by sending the latest status with actions to your team or your board.

Get to know Pulse product suite

Brand Attention consists of three products. Share of Attention, Market Attention Efficiency, and Share of Search.

Share of Attention

Enables brands to get insights about their share of ad attention for own brands and competitor brands, broken down over time, per channel, publisher, and ad formats. The data is available on impressions, in screen, and ad fixation level.

Prenumeration with daily updates

Market Attention Efficiency

Market insights on ad attention efficiency. Broken down on industry, over time, channel, publisher, and ad formats.

Prenumeration with monthly updates

Share of Search

Share of interest for your brands and competitor brands on global search engines. Get interest broken down over time and region/market.

Prenumeration with weekly updates

"Each customer has their own journey. Without tech you are lost"

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