Qogai Products

Qogai is Odyssey's advanced analytics platform built on state-of-the-art technology that offers near real-time, high-performance analytics on massive data sets. We have built a number of products on top of the Qogai platform for you to easily and quickly make the most out of your data.

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When more and more consumers choose to buy their products and services online, the digital channels play an increasingly important role throughout the customer journey. This creates an obstacle for us as companies, as we have traditionally only been able to track our consumers’ digital behavior in the channels we “own” ourselves. Most of us are already aware of this limitation, since we know that most of the purchasing decisions are made before the customer even reaches the channels we control.

Qlick.2.buy is a brand-new service developed to be able to track your customers’ entire digital behavior in all channels. It will not only help you navigate the digital channels but will also create a deeper understanding of what is happening in the actual purchasing moment. This insight will, in turn, enable you to evaluate, optimize, automatize, and hyper-personalize your customer journey.  

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It’s no secret we have entered a new landscape for media and advocacy. With Odyssey’s Why-u-vote, we make it possible to investigate how digital platforms creates different forums for engagement and how this in turn influences the outcome of the election. Why-u-vote shows the importance of media consumption and how it correlates to a preferred political party, focusing on the voters’ online behavior. But at the same time describing the overall off-line behavior.

Why-u-vote is aimed to political parties, associations and other actors interested in knowing how media affects the voters, and who wants to optimize their future strategic political communication.