Eye's don't lie

With Eye-Tracking technology we trace human attention online.

Not seen. No effect.
Measure human attention online.

Continuously track and evaluate how your digital investment and strategy actually works, and compare with your competitors.

- Cross Channel
- Mobile & Desktop

Where & how do we capture human attention for your brand?

A selection of Brands that track human attention with Pulse

Trace human attention online for your brand with Pulse

- Share of Attention
- Ad-frequency
- Effectiveness

- Channels
- Publishers
- Ad-formats
- Seasons (months)

And of course in comparison with the competition.

Human attention metrics highlight quality reach

As marketers, we're always chasing reach. We spend most of our budgets on various digital channels because we are promised fantastic reach. There is no doubt that digital media channels are an absolute must in an effective media strategy. The problem is that it is very hard to measure the real effect.

Until now.

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