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Odyssey Pulse - Digital Share of Voice and True Ad efficiency

Did you know that only 27% of all ads you place are seen. Not seen. No effect. Don't you agree?

Pulse is a unique method for measuring which ads Swedish consumers actually see by analyzing their eye movements and focus. Using the latest Eye Tracking technology from Tobii, we monitor 2,000 households and measures their behavior and focus on the screen. Which gives us insights that tell us which ads people look at. The method is called Ad-fixation and gives us a real picture of how digital campaigns perform and Digital Share of Voice and True Ad efficiency. For the first time, we can continuously track and evaluate how our digital investment and strategy actually works. 

Pulse is the only now existing tool that measures: 
1. True digital Share of Voice cross channel and competitors
2. True Ad efficiency cross channel and competitors
3. Ad creatives (in comparison with your competitors’ brands) 

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Odyssey Touch - Media planning

Ever wondered which channels your target groups really spend their time in before and after purchase? Our media planning tool Touch will give you that answer. How can we be so sure? Well. Touch is based on an ongoing study on 2000 Swedish consumers' actual digital behavior. Given you direct access to a miniature Sweden, helping you find and understand your target groups.

The tool is dived into two sections:
1. Reach allows you to understand how consumers surf the web and which media categories they spend time in.
2. Engage discloses consumers' attitudes toward communications and commercials.

Our promise to you. You'll be in better control of your media spend with Touch. 

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Is your media spend aligned with consumers’ actual behavior? How do both offline media and online media converge into one coherent experience for the consumer?

Reach allows you to plan media based on data that consider both the online and offline channels giving rise to insights more complete and connected than ever before.

Delve into the data that connect the dots by using both survey and passive metering. Reach allow insights to surface within areas such as monthly and daily reach, but also types of media (e-mails, texts, chat messaging, web search) as well as categories of media (news, entertainment, blogs).

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Ever wondered what goes on outside your CRM-system? What the consumer is actually up to when s/he’s not surfing cookie-pages or clicking banners?

Engage gives you the possibility to answer the questions you’ve always wondered about. What lifestyle and market trends are important? How does app-usage and digital behavior occupy the consumers’ lives?

By utilizing the profiling survey and all the digital online behavior we allow you to dig deeper into the world of the consumer than has previously been possible. Use your company’s segments, or build completely new. The sky is the limit!


Odyssey Follow. Brand tracker

Odyssey Follow helps you understand how your brand is perceived as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

What are the key drivers of the market and for each segment?  Keeping you in the loop of what your consumers really think about your brand. 

With Follow you’ll always have an authoritative read of your brand’s progress at a macro level at hand and you’ll be able to quickly identify and diagnose the changes that will deliver improvement and impact on your brand.

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