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We create and implement data-driven strategies for communication, tech and sales.



We create data-driven insights. Our research methods reach from real-time big data analysis to interviews, focus groups and communities. Often in cooperation with leading marketing research institutes. Together with you, we define customer journeys that will serve as a solid foundation when forming strategies.


Based on solid insights and in close collaboration with you and your team, we innovate, create strategies and explore business opportunities, that will help you thrive in a digital world. We develop strategies for all touch points throughout the customer journey no matter if they are digital or in the physical world.


From experience, deep tech and marketing knowledge, we know how to navigate in an ever-changing business landscape. We help you transform your business and manage the implementation of your strategy, from ideas to results, creating long-term profitable relationships with your customers.


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Michael Jäderlind


+46 708 49 21 19

Cecilia Hjertzell

Head of Strategy

+46 733 83 33 89

Tobias Sjöqvist

President Odyssey New York

+1 (646) 577 0650 alt.
+46 734 25 85 25

Peter Lapalus


+46 709 15 31 83

Daniel Lundberg


+46 709 96 87 20

Emma Åström

CRO and eCommerce specialist

+46 703 58 98 06

Kristina Sabelström Möller

Digital Strategist

+46 707 28 05 46

Christer Sjökvist

Senior Advisor

+46 76 118 02 83

Andreas Nergård

Business Development

+46 76 118 02 82

Fredrik Augustsson

Analytics & Modeling

+46 76 118 02 81

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