Great brands needs to be nurtured

We empower brands with strategic & tactical tools and insights
that enable actions on a daily basis
We are passionate about increasing the strength of your brand
through data-driven and predictive insights
With Odyssey's platform Pulse you can follow
your brand's development and at the same time understand
the effects of your brand-building communication

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Some of Swedens strongest brands have already turned to Odyssey

Eyes don't lie

With Eye-Tracking technology we trace human attention online.

Only 32% of all in screen ads are actually seen. That means that a big chunk of your media investments is wasted. Measure Human Attention in order to optimize Quality reach and understand your brands Share of Attention & Quality reach.

Not seen. No effect. Don't you agree?

Human attention metrics, when measured passively, highlight quality reach. Now we know our true reach and effect.

As CPM does not account for performance differences - much can be done.


Every customer has it's own journey. Without tech, you are lost.

Measure true attention

Pulse enables you to get insights about your brand's share of ad attention for your own and competitor brands, broken down over time, per channel, publisher, and ad formats. The data is available on impressions, in screen, and ad fixation level.

Understand how your brand is perceived as well as its strengths and weaknesses

BrandHealth tracks the effect of your brand-building activities over time and gives you feedback loops for accurate tactical decision-making. You’ll always have an authoritative read of your brand’s progress at a macro level at hand and you’ll be able to quickly identify and diagnose the changes that will deliver improvement and impact on your brand.

How Big Can You Dream?

A brand new identity for Panduro

"Odyssey has confirmed but also contributed to our understanding of our market and how we have to change parts of our product offering and marketing. With the results based on thorough market and consumer research and analysis, we know how and where to grow our brand and market share in the future”