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We've created a platform where you can collect, structure, model, analyze and automate your insights. And above all - act on them.

Simply put. Everything we do is designed to help you think ahead.

What we do

Generating strategic insights.
Helping you think

We deliver self-service products that will help you quickly identify the changes that will deliver improvement and impact on your brand. With Follow, Pulse, Touch and Link you'll be able to not only answer questions regarding the state and position on your brand but also deliver strategic understanding based on actual consumer behavior data, trends, and simulation for future brand performance.

Follow. Brand tracker

Odyssey FOLLOW helps you understand how your brand is perceived as well as its strengths and weaknesses. What are the key drivers of the market and for each segment? Keeping you in the loop of what your consumers really think about your brand.

Pulse. True Ad efficiency

Odyssey PULSE measures which ads Swedish consumers actually see by analyzing their eye movements and focus. Using the latest Eye Tracking technology, we monitor 2,000 households and measure their behavior and focus on the screen. The method is called Ad-fixation and gives you a real picture of how your digital campaigns actually perform. 

Touch. Media planning

Odyssey TOUCH is a media planning tool that turns media into a core consumer insight tool offering a deepened understanding of media’s effect on inspiration, conversion and at the same time revealing in what media types and categories your segments spend their time and interests.

Link. Market Segmentation

Odyssey LINK offers you a segmentation for the industry you're in. Allowing you to segment your specific target groups based on their needs, attitudes, experiences, and behaviors to a competitive price.

Proof. Professional services

Odyssey PROOF is a professional service if you want to turbocharge your analytics- and insight team. With our systematic approach and process management, the strategy becomes realistic, challenging and entrenched in the organization. 

We know which ads people look at

As a marketer, you know that it has become increasingly challenging to impact the media investments you make. But did you know that only 27% of all digital ads are visible? In other words, over 70% of the investments you make are wasted. 

We spend most of our budgets in various digital channels because we are promised "Reach" and fantastic ROI. There is no doubt that digital media works, and is an absolute must in an effective media strategy. The problem is that it is not possible to measure the effect. Until now.

Together with Tobii, we have developed a unique method for measuring which ads Swedish consumers actually see by analyzing their eye movements and focus. Using the latest Eye Tracking technology, We monitor 2,000 households and measure their behavior and focus on the screen. The method is called Ad-fixation and gives us a real picture of how digital campaigns actually perform and Digital Share of Voice and True Ad efficiency. For the first time, we can continuously track and evaluate how our digital investment and strategy actually works.

Why we are different

Odyssey started as a traditional research agency. Not unlike many others. But with an ambition to do things differently. To change the way we look upon market research. To move away from traditional WS-structures and delivering insights in PPT built on static data. Today we are proud to say that we deliver strategic insights and a holistic view of both the current and future state of the market to our clients through our self-service platform Qogai that empowers our clients to continuously collect, store, predict, activate and react on their own insights. 


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So far we've helped some of Nothern Europes leading companies look ahead. These are some of the companies whose trust we've earned 🙏

Our Skills

With novel methods where we practice out of the box thinking, using modern technology and make use of other untraditional data sources we deliver extraordinary insights to our clients helping them make use of the insights in their businesses by automating processes with actionable data deliveries. This we do with the assistant of our data science team creating AI and machine learning models and utilizing them in our modern high capacity data and automation platform Qogai.

  • advanced analytics - 90%
  • strategic insights - 95%
  • Data visualization 87%
  • Commited to our clients success - 100%
Our amazing partners

We've partnered up with some great companies. Like Tobii, Augur and Silver that all adds great value to some of our products. Thanks for a great collaboration 🚀

From Our Clients
Voices from two of our clients. Thank you for your trust 🙏

“Odyssey has confirmed, but also contributed to our understanding of our market and how we have to change parts of our product offering and marketing. With the results based on thorough market and consumer research and analysis, we know how and where to grow our brand and market share in the future.”

Thomas Panduro

Owner and VP, Panduro

“Odyssey has good insights on how to handle user data in business. The customer journey that we received help with has led to concrete solutions in our subscription business. Odyssey has been a professional and reliable supplier in this important development”
Unn Edberg

VP, Chef

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