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"We don’t do data. We don’t do research. We do predictions by combining behavior research and data science into a new art form: insight science .

Most Market research companies help their clients look back.
We do it differently with behavior research and data science.
Everything we do is designed to help you think ahead.

Insights that state what you could have guessed or already thought are not insights you can act on. We believe that insights should surprise, create new opportunities, be actionable and in the end, help build your brand stronger.

If you are a marketer, you are already investing time and effort into your brand building project. And you are probably struggling with measuring the effect of the work you do. How do you know if your brand is actually growing stronger?

We'd love to help you. We know how to track the net effect of your brand building with tools & insights that you can act on every day. 

Your brand will thrive on pure facts analyzed with the best of data science and research expertise. 

12 insights about us

The journey started 🚀

Odyssey was founded in 2016 by the tech start-up entrepreneur Tobias Sjöqvist and 5  partners.

Hello first client 👋🏻

Our first client was Scania, Chef, Tv4 and Plandent. Since then 34 other has followed. Thank you for your trust!

First employee ❤️

It felt like the journey began for real when our first employee joined the founding partners in 2017. 

Another brother joined 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

Tobias brother and Market Research legend Christer Sjökvist joined Odyssey in late 2017.  Hurray! 

A new home 🏠

We found an amazing rooftop office at Karlavägen 60 in late 2018. It was love at first sight!  Bye kitchen office! 

All-time high! 📈✌🏻

2019 was our best year so far! Both revenue-wise and in the insights we delivered to our clients.

Hello new clients 2019👋🏻

We gained the trust of a number of new clients such as Arvato, AMF, Fazer, Unionen and many more. 

Trusted again 🙏

Continued trust from clients such as Husqvarna, Telia, Eon, SVT, and NK. Thank you! 

Awesome partners 💎

We continued our successful collaboration with Silver and Augur. And started a new exiting one with Tobii.

Instituted a new prize🏆

Awarded the first Martech award to Klarna and Vasakronan with Swedma, CMO goes TECH and Wiraya.

Annual roof top party 💃 🍸🎺🎷

Evening sun,  jazz band, something cool in the hand and 120 awesome people.

We took ✈️ to Malaga

Took the team to Malaga for a five-day kick-off! Strategy planning and simply having a great time together.

Busy spreading the word 💁🏻‍♀‍💁‍♂‍🎓

Shared our insights at Swedma, Customer loyalty conference, Analytics dagarna, Guldnyckeln and more.

Launched our first product 💥

Odyssey Touch was born in 2019! 

The journey continues 🚀

We're really looking forward to this year! We hope you will join as well! 


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee


Odyssey has assembled a wide range of experts from different fields such as data scientists, insight professionals, developers, strategists and more. Here’s some of our senior team, committed to generating strategic insights that will help you look ahead. We'd love to talk to you and show you how it works. Feel free to contact any one of us.
Tobias Sjöqvist

Tobias Sjöqvist

CEO & Founder

[email protected]
+46 73 425 85 25

Christer Sjökvist

Christer Sjökvist

Partner & Head of Insights

[email protected]
+46 76 118 02 83

Fredrik Augustsson

Fredrik Augustsson

Partner & Head of Analytics

[email protected]
+46 76 118 02 81

Peter Lapalus

Peter Lapalus

Partner & Head of Platform

[email protected]
+46 70 915 31 83

Jenny Sondell

Jenny Sondell

Partner & Head of Marketing

[email protected]
+46 76 218 49 76

a great workplace

A great workplace is not defined by fancy benefits or nice offices. It's defined by its people. And at Odyssey, we have gathered a bunch of talented, likable and really stunning colleagues. 
This is WHY they joined Odyssey🙏

"Overall, I love working at Odyssey as there is plenty of opportunities for me to develop skills in many domains, such as machine learning, software development, insight work, and sales. Every day brings new challenges and I can use machine learning to solve them!"

Henrik Karlsson

Senior Data Scientist, joined august -19

"Working at Odyssey is a great opportunity because we are truly pushing the boundaries of what it entails to deliver insights to the marketplace. By leveraging all that is possible within not only advanced analytics and machine learning, but also combining it with platform technology, qualitative methods, and being firmly rooted in science we are ourselves in a transformative process to bring forth a new strategic insight playbook. I strongly believe that we deliver enhanced value not only to our clients but also to our partners and ourselves. That’s why I love being part of this great company!"

Patrik Stoopendahl

Head of Science, PhD Student INSiDR, joined august -18

"Working at Odyssey, I value the most the possibility to apply mathematics every day. The creation and development of models for scalable products that combine marketing research and behavioral data include solving challenging math problems in various areas. And that's fun! It is what drives me and lets me learn new things "by doing".

Igor Gusev

Senior Data Scientist, joined march -19

"Stay close to new knowledge is how I try to steer my work life - and the reason I chose to join Odyssey. Reframing strategic insights as a service is challenging work and require an array of expertise across various fields and disciplines. For me, it is truly inspiring to be part of such a tribe!"

Mikael Alinder

Segmentation Expert, joined november -18

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