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Monitor your brand's strength

Your brand may be your best, and possibly only, competitive edge in the digital world. A world that has lowered barriers to entry and made product and price comparisons easy and instantaneous. That’s why the key to building strong brands is to forge an emotional bond that's felt in customers' hearts.

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Stay on top

Our cost-efficient, state-of-the-art platform gives you the edge.

  • Gain insight into your brand’s performance
  • Discover what needs changing

Take Action

Delivered at a tap of your fingers in an intuitive interface.

  • Understand your customer and market
  • Know where to compete

Drive growth

Relevant, high-quality insights where you need them most.

  • See the future – and act in time
  • Grow your market share
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Questions it answers
Brand equity

What is our brand's share of mind?

Brand awareness

Have our customers heard of our brand?

Brand consideration

Do our customers want to buy our brand?

Brand purchase

What proportion of potential customers have bought our brand?

Brand purchase frequency

How often do our customers buy our brand vs competing brands?

Brand closeness (emotional)

How do our customers feel about our brand?

Brand closeness (functional)

What do our customers know about our brand?


We prioritize efficiency and focus. With our focused, data-driven approach, you will gain insights that will put you on top. Our cost-effectiveness lets you invest where it makes the most difference.  

High Quality

High-quality data, insights and delivery are what we do. Our well-established methods – and curiosity – give you the modern tools you need to build your brand in a competitive and sustainable way.

Brand know-how

When you want to dive deeper in your data, we have the know-how to help you use your insights to build a stronger brand.

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