"Great opportunities for personal and professional growth. The chance to evolve into new roles is huge at Odyssey right now."

Our mission isn't just to be a market leader. We strive to do things differently - to change the industry we're in.

If you're looking to join it's important that you share our vision and thrive in an environment that's constantly changing. The job comes with a lot of flexibility and creativity but also high individual responsibility. Learning and testing new ways of doing things and trying out new technology is a part of our DNA.

Since we continuously evaluate and transform our platforms and services the possibilities to learn new things, grow your experience, and evolving into new roles are huge.

If you're looking to be a part of an entrepreneurial fast-growing company - the time to join the team is now.

great people to work with

Would you like to be a part of building the next generation insight products & services for the market?  Then you should join our team. Check us out!

Why did you join Odyssey Micke?
Stay close to new knowledge is how I try to steer my work life - and the reason I chose to join Odyssey. Reframing strategic insights as a service is challenging work and require an array of expertise across various fields and disciplines. For me, it is truly inspiring to be part of such a tribe!

Mikael Ahlinder

Data Design Lead, joined nov -18

Why a start-up Jenny?

I thrive in changing environments that focus on growth and transformation and Odyssey truly embodies that. I love that I can combine my love for marketing, customer experience, events, and PR in the same role. And of course - the icing of the cake is that I get to do it with like-minded great colleagues!

Jenny Sondell, Head of marketing, joined may -18

Why did you choose to join Odyssey?
-That’s easy. “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” Odyssey’s deep knowledge of analytics and data-driven insights enables great prerequisites for building great products and tech. The combination and synergies between product (tech) and services are what the future is all about in marketing. With Odyssey, that combination is truly unique.

Carl-Johan Runer, Product Sales, joined nov -20

What gets you up in the mornings Andreas?
That’s easy. What drives me is the creative aspect of what we do. That is developing state-of-the-art solutions for our clients based on combining our expertise in marketing, advanced analytics and tech. I truly believe that the team that we have gathered, with spearhead competence in each of these three fields, is unique. Of course, a big challenge is that marketing, tech and analytics basically are ‘three different languages’ which creates some very interesting discussions. But the reward is bigger, as the ideas we come up with for solving client challenges often are quite extra-ordinary.

Andreas Nergård, Account Manager, joined jan -17

Why did you join Odyssey Igor?

Working at Odyssey, I value the most the possibility to apply mathematics every day. The creation and development of models for scalable products that combine marketing research and behavioral data include solving challenging math problems in various areas. And that's fun! It is what drives me and lets me learn new things "by doing".

Igor Gusev, Senior Data Scientist, joined march -19

Why Odyssey Henke?
I love working at Odyssey as there is plenty of opportunities for me to develop skills in many domains, such as machine learning, software development, insight work, and sales. Every day brings new challenges and I can use machine learning to solve them!

Henrik Karlsson

Senior Data Scientist, joined aug -19


Odyssey has assembled a wide range of experts from different fields such as data scientists, insight professionals, developers, strategists, and more. Here’s some of our senior team, committed to building our customers brand strength.

CEO & Founder

Tobias Sjöqvist is the CEO & founder of Odyssey and has a solid experience in marketing, digital communication, and business development from working for many years with global companies like H&M and IKEA. As a true entrepreneur, Tobias has also started and run Tech start-ups in Sweden and the USA. For instance Lexicon Interactive, one of Sweden's most innovative and successful e-learning companies.

Head of insights

Christer Sjökvist is truly a market research legend. He has conducted surveys and analyses for more than 100 different companies over the past 35 years. These have been carried out both internationally and in Sweden. For instance. Christer has worked for ten years as a researcher at SIFO, five years as Global Insights Manager at IKEA, ten years as Senior Expert at Ericsson ConsumerLab, and eight years in charge of Business Development at Ipsos.

Head of analytics

Fredrik Augustsson is an experienced insight consultant, statistician, and data scientist with vast experience from senior and managerial positions including Nordic Head of Marketing and Data Science at Ipsos and Nordic Category Insights Manager at Electronic Arts. Board member and analytical advisor to PeopleAnalytics.

Head of platform

Peter Lapalus is an entrepreneur and senior software engineer with 20 years of experience in digital development as an engineer, architect, mentor, and management positions. High skills in data integrations, data pipelining and automation. The entrepreneurial journey started 2004 as co-owner of Web update/Cloud Nine a full-service digital agency followed up by The Amazing Society as a founder of a social media agency with a social media management platform.

Account manger

Andreas Nergård has over 20 years of experience from management positions in global market research, whereof most recently from Ipsos. Expertise in designing and integrating strategic marketing models (segmentation models, brand models, CX models, innovation models, etc) fueled by multiple data sources. Pioneer in web-based MR analysis solutions as co-founder of Archway. Driven by innovation, pushing the frontier of data-driven analytics and market modeling.

Head of marketing

Jenny Sondell has 20 years of experience within the field of PR, Communication, Event, and Customer Relationship Management from the Media, Publishing, and Tech Industry with positions as Editor in Chief and CRM Manager. Fast-moving, communicative, with a great execution capacity, that she uses to embrace and inspire to drive change. Founder of Wiraya CRM Academy and Bonnier Groups CRM network.

Product sales

Carl-Johan Runer started his career in finance heading up sales for Garantum Fondkommission, one of the bigger B2B broker firms in Sweden delivering +100 MUSD in nominal amount per year to the company’s numerous savings solutions. Realizing the tech industry was more appealing to him he decided to change career path with focus on commercialization, product and business development. More recently he finished up a change management assignment as the CEO for the deeptech company Starcounter, moving them from R&D centric to Customer Centric, and a business venture assignment for Chimney Vigor Group where he started the company’s new product platform (Edisen) with a focus on product development and commercialization.

Data Design Lead

Mikael Alinder is an experienced insight consultant with a demonstrated history of supporting global and local clients (such as Carlsberg, TetraPak, H&M, Telia, Daniel Wellington, Oriflame, Swedish Match) towards brand growth and improved understanding. Skilled insight strategist, specialized in advanced analytics approaches. Strong operations professional coming from a multi-functional market research career at Ipsos, and international media prior to that.

Senior Data Scientist

Igor Gusev is a Data Scientist with 13 years of experience in advanced marketing science. At Odyssey, major tasks are developing algorithms for predictive modeling based on data from various sources. Before joining Odyssey, Igor worked with preference modeling and price optimization research for 12 years at Ipsos and GfK.

Senior Data Scientist

Henrik Karlsson is a Data scientist with a master of science in Statistics and Machine Learning from Linköpings University. Four years of working experience as a data analyst within one of the major market research companies. Passionate about building automated learning systems such as modeling uplift continuously over time to optimize the efficiency of customer targeting.

Senior Advisor

Karl Wahlin is an experienced statistical consultant with a Ph.D. in statistics and a background as a senior lecturer in statistics at Linköping University and a Senior biostatistician at Karolinska Institutet. Karl is also an appreciated writer and lecturer holding several pedagogical awards. And the author of statistical literature and more than 20 research papers.

Senior Advisor

Patrik Stoopendahl is a anthropologist that uniquely combines consumer and market insight with an ongoing industrial PhD-education focused on the digital transformation of retail. As a business anthropologist, he is focused on strategic insight, trends, and the use of qualitative methodology and data to unveil business opportunities that can’t be found on quantitative information. Patrik is a also highly appreciated lecturer and workshop leader.

Is this you?

You're probably really great! Someone who has a stunning personality and a good sense of humor. Someone who likes to be a part of a start-up and understands that even though you do really advanced shit most of your time you still need to serve coffee and attend to delegates at our breakfast seminaries. But foremost. We think that you're someone with grit and someone who wants to make an impact in the industry that we're in.

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