Few have missed that the energy market is undergoing major changes. With our BrandTracker and our product Pulse, we help Swedish electricity companies to understand new customer behaviors in a new market and contribute with insights into how and, perhaps above all, where you best succeed with your brand building efforts.

We wanted to give the Swedish electricity companies a tool to navigate the major changes that are currently taking place in the energy market. The solution was spelled BrandTracker and Pulse. With our methods for brand tracking, we set up an energy tracker that follows all the major electricity companies on the Swedish energy market (over 50 companies). With the energy tracker, the electricity companies can gain in-depth insights into their market, customers and competitors, through which they can, among other things, discover new customer segments while simultaneously understanding which segment they themselves belong to.

When we combine the insights from the energy tracker with the ad effectiveness insights from our product Pulse, which through eye-tracking technology can see which ads provide the best performance, in the sense of which ads the most people actually see, we can offer an almost complete framework . The electricity companies can not only understand how they should work with their brands, but also where and to which channels they should focus their brand strengthening efforts.

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