Fisherman's Friend

Beloved and well known. In over 50 countries, people eat lozenges produced by Fisherman's Friend, and when you operate in so many markets, it’s important to be consistent with your branding work. With the help of our Brand Tracker, Fisherman's Friend can keep track of their brand and gain insight into how they can work to empower it.

Fisherman's Friend expressed a desire to gain better insights into how their brand is perceived by consumers in different markets in order to be able to strengthen and adapt their branding efforts in their various markets. Our Brand Tracker became the perfect tool for gathering the required knowledge.

With greater precision they now can understand how and why the exact same brand, with exactly the same products, performs and is perceived differently in different markets. With these insights, they can formulate relevant brand strategies for each market to strengthen their overall Brand Equity while at the same time ensuring that they are moving their brand in the right direction across all markets.

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