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Giva Sverige is a fundraising association that aims to make donations to charitable causes more secure and transparent. By quality assurance, training and competence development of non-profit organizations, Giva Sverige strives to increase the role of the civil society. Today they have around 180 members of various sizes that represent a wide range of purposes. Together they collected 9.7 billion SEK (2021) in gifts, grants and through collaborations from the public, companies and organizations. With brand tracking, the members can now be even better at what they do.

The mission can be summarized in a few words: produce insights that do good. Together with GivaSverige and the brand agency Silver, we wanted to make it easier for charity organizations to raise larger sums for charitable causes by helping them understand the mechanisms of giving. To succeed in this, we used our brand tracking methods and set up a “Giving Tracker”. Without getting too technical, it can be compared to an in-depth brand study that provides insights into target groups' needs, driving forces and behaviors related to the act of donating to charity. These insights can aid members in formulating better and more precise brand and communication strategies aimed at increasing the overall charity donations. 

The study is carried out for several charity organizations jointly, but unlike traditional omnibus studies, each organization that participates gets in-depth insights about their own organization. The big advantage of analyzing the organizations jointly lies primarily in the fact that costs can be kept down, but also in that you can compare yourself against a large group of similar organizations. This means that more of Giva Sverige’s members now are able to use their already limited resources in a better way, as the opportunity to gain insights about their target groups and market at a significantly cheaper price has also created opportunities for smarter and more efficient prioritizations.

Moreover, the study showcased that the willingness to give is greater than the actual giving, among several target groups. Especially among the younger demographics. Supported by insights like these, charity organizations can take advantage of better data that can show them where the opportunities for increased giving lie and guide them in how to act to reach them.

In this first study 20 organizations were included and the general results were presented during the spring at some of Giva Sweden's member breakfasts. The next round of gathering general findings from the tracker will be conducted this fall, but member organizations can join at any time to gain immediate insights about their own organization.

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