2022: Year in Review - Odyssey

By now it should be safe to say that 2022 truly has come and gone and that we now have fully entered the 23rd lap of the millennium. The New Year brings many things, but above all else, it brings summaries in the form of annual chronicles. In accordance with usual custom, we therefore welcome you to the 2022 year in review, where we will look back at what has been, but also look ahead to what is yet to come. So, pop your horses, and hold your popcorn. Because here we go.

In hindsight, 2022 was a memorable year in many ways. We welcomed new customers in the automotive industry, fast food industry and the energy sector. We expanded our team with new competent colleagues. We launched new products. We moved. We partied. We developed and grew. So, let's unpack the details.


2022 was the year when attention really took center stage. All the major media agencies and industry organizations, as well as researchers and media, have really started talking about attention, and the topic has never been hotter. As attention got more attention, Pulse also got more attention. (Who would have thought that so much attention could be put into one sentence?) What we are trying to say is that with the increasing popularity of attention, Pulse really picked up pace and we got the privilege to help several companies in different sectors understand how many people they actually reach in the digital sphere.

And looking ahead?

At the time of writing, we are designing the new Pulse that will come with a long list of new features.

  • Among other things, an executive summary that will be sent out every month in an easy-to-read and concise report
  • As well as an integrated BI tool that facilitates analysis and investigation significantly.
  • Together with Tobii, we are also developing the next generation of attention tracking for mobile. A world first!



Of course, we also continued to support our customers in their brand-building efforts by providing both market and brand insights to understand tomorrow's needs. But the big news in the brand tracking department was the launch of our two new products, namely the GivarTracker and EnergyCompass.


After a successful pilot run in 2021, we continued with great success to refine the details to further develop the GivarTracker. Now it is an established product to help organizations working for a better world to reach more donors - to support them to continue their important work.

Energy Compass

Saying that electricity and energy were a hot topic in 2022 feels like a rather gross understatement. It was on everyone's lips, all the time. Consumers' interest in electricity increased dramatically and more people than ever before began dusting off their old electricity contracts looking for new and better alternatives. Therefore, in Q4, we launched Energy Compass, a product that consistently analyzes the needs and behavior of Swedish electricity consumers every month.

A few well-chosen questions that EnergyCompass helps to answer:

  • What are the needs of your potential customers? And are they the same as your existing customers?
  • What is the risk of customers choosing to opt out? And what is the driving force behind customer churn in different customer segments?
  • What type of contracts do today's electricity consumers prefer? And what value-adding services increase the attractiveness?
  • What is the sales potential? And where is it?
  • How well do you take advantage of your sales potential? And most importantly, do you do it better than your competitors?


The European Martech report was devoloped for the fith year in a row together with SWEDMA, CMO goes TECH and Wiraya. The report recieved a lot of attention and we participated in several large martech events, such as the Resumé day etc.

A party to remember

During 2022, we also packed up our office and moved to our new domains located Kungsgatan 54, which we are sure will meet our growing needs and give us more room to develop. According to ancient traditions and honorable old common sense, a move also requires one to pull out the mammoth horn and organize an equally large party. At the aforementioned address, we therefore invited customers, friends and acquaintances to the summer's perhaps best party. Dare we also say that we managed to host the summer's best gig with Sweden's perhaps most exclusive band? Let's leave it unsaid for now, and instead say that we already look forward to the next time!

Several new faces

The team here at Odyssey was also expanded with several new, happy and competent colleagues. Therese, Joakim and Jenna all started with us during 2022. We are glad to have them aboard and look forward to what we can achieve together in 2023.

We also want to take this opportunity to welcome our new Chairman of the Board Johan Rönnerman warmly to the team. We are sure that his solid experience and leadership will help us to gear up and take it to the next level.

A final thank you is also in order

All good votes of thanks do not contain a year in review, but all good year-in-reviews contain a vote of thanks. We therefore would like to tip our hats and thank our customers for their continued trust, our partners for believing in what we do and our competent employees for moving the boundaries of BrandTech every day. You rock!

Finally, with all these exciting accomplishments in the bag, we now look towards the future with optimism and enthusiasm. 2023 will be a year of possibilities, and we are determined to make the most of them. With our team of passionate and talented individuals, we are confident that we can achieve great things and continue our journey of growth. It’s going to be a fantastic year, and we can’t wait to get going. Or get going? To our calculations 2023 started some 2 months ago and we are already going. Let us rephrase: we can't wait to get to keep accelerating.

Cheers and with love,


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