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Odyssey helps businesses to continuously gain insights to increase the strength of their brands and their brand building communication. Through data-driven and predictive insights in Odysseys platform and products, customers can follow their brands development and understand the effects of strategic brand decisions and communication.

Wiraya helps companies activate and engage their customers at critical moments of the customer lifecycle. Moments that if done right, can make or break customer experience. Wiraya combines pre-recorded voice calls, sms and digital landing pages to inspire action from your customers.

Whenever you need your customers to do something, know something, update something, start something, stop something, change something or buy something, it’s guaranteed to improve the metrics that matter to your business.

Wiraya uses the power of voice to cut through the noise and most importantly, customers appreciate the communication as it simplifies their lives.

CMO goes TECH - the International network for the CMO of the future. CMO goes TECH is for C-level professionals within the fields of marketing, sales, and tech in all industries. Created for like-minded people who are interested in exploring how marketing, sales and technology meet for a better customer experience and increased business value.

The network was founded in November 2017 and today consists of  1 000 members from more than 10 countries.

We give our members the strength of being up to date regarding the future of marketing, sales, and tech through a series of inspiring meetups with thought-leaders on the forefront from global companies.

SWEDMA - Swedish Data & Marketing Association

SWEDMA represents the industry and the association of the companies and organizations that work with direct and data-driven marketing. We organize both buyers and sellers of data-driven products and services. In this way, we have a unique insight into which requirements and conditions apply to dm between companies as well as business to consumer.

The direct and data-driven marketing has time and time again the concrete results that communication and advertising buyers have the right to expect. Our members will show you the more than happy path to strategic, creative and results-oriented marketing.

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A special thanks to the web agency Added and to Cint, the panel partner for the survey!

Cint is a global provider of research technology. The Cint platform enables brands, researchers, academics, or anyone with a question, to connect with a global network of over 239 million high-quality and engaged respondents. Panel providers, mobile gaming apps, loyalty associations, or anyone with an online community, partner with Cint to monetise their user base through surveys that complement the user experience. Utilizing the global reach and survey-based approach of the platform, Cint’s media measurement solutions help advertisers, publishers and media agencies measure the impact of cross-platform ad campaigns.

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Added is your digital agency in Stockholm that wants to make sure your online presence is felt. Using our expertise in design, development and SEO we offer new perspectives to digital growth and deliver innovative websites, systems and digital handcraft built for optimizing business value and fostering positive user experiences.

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