Dentsu is a global media agency network operating in over 143 markets across the globe. With the power of Pulse, Dentsu Sweden gets the tools they need to better understand digital advertising efficiency and how much human attention advertisers get for their money.

Dentsu, and their clients, expressed a need to make digital advertising more efficient in terms of getting access to more reliable metrics for validating which digital impressions reach real people. With the eye-tracking-technology of Pulse they found a solution that perfectly fit their needs. Now they are able to validate strategy, and gain accurate insights into how many people see ads from a specific brand, and for how long. They also get the possibility to compare ad performance with any given competitor across different publishers, platforms, and channels. Combined, this helps Dentsu understand how well their clients ads actually performs, and gives them the basis they need to make the right adjustments to help their clients stay on top of the game.

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“Pulse is invaluable for us at Dentsu to develop our offer within the Attention area and help us get data and insights for our clients from a normally closed off digital landscape.”

“Getting insights from the digital landscape has proven very difficult and historically we haven’t had the possibility to get data and insights on competition and investments in the digital space. This is something the industry has wrestled with for some time now. The introduction of Pulse is a welcomed technological advancement that makes it possible for us, not only to get insights from the digital space, but from places other wise inaccessible to third parties, such as Facebook, Google and YouTube. This aids us when creating and optimizing media plans and strategies for all our clients.”

Jacob von Segebaden

Senior Research Consultant

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